Full focus on INSURANCE!

Belinguo becomes INGAGE!

Belinguo AG is a company incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland.

In order to reflect our exclusive focus on the insurance industry, we have decided to rename it « INGAGE » (www.ingageinsurance.net).

It stands for INsurance enGAGEment. It is a platform dedicated to training for the insurance industry (for both online and blended learning). 

« INGAGE is the Training Platform for the Insurance Industry ». We offer out-of-the-box and bespoke online training for large and small companies in the industry. This includes engaging online courses, simulations, 3D scenarios and much more to train new employees as well as experienced insurance professionals. See ingageinsurance.net.

Please note that belinguo.com redirects now to ingageinsurance.net.



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GDPR for Software Developers

Our new online course about GDPR for software developers in financial services is now available!


Welcome to this GDPR course, specially designed for Software Development!

My name is Lucas Gros and I’ll be your guide through this training module. In less than one hour, you should become familiar with the new (and still too mysterious for some) General Data Protection Regulation and how it will impact your software development activities.

We’ll be covering GDPR requirements for each step of the SDLC : from Business Requirements until Release.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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GDPR – Financial Services

Our new online course about GDPR for Organisations is now available!

Anna, who is the founder and CEO of the Copenhagen based company Comply by Innovation Lab, has been a data protection advocate for several years and has build her expertise both within academia and in the corporate environment.

Her portfolio of data protection consultancy includes more national newspapers, she has worked within international shipping and with software development companies just to name a few and illustrate her ambidextarity of competencies. Anna believes in the both-and situation, not either-or. As a corporation one should both utilise data, but at the same time do it in a responsible and protective way so that everyone gets the best of both worlds.

Anna holds a certificate in Data Protection Law from one of the leading law firms in Denmark, Plesner Law Firm, and has a masters degree in Digital Innovation and Management from the IT University of Denmark with a specialisation in Big Data.

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CEO’s interview

Global Citizen

A brief history: INGAGE focuses on the insurance market since the beginning of 2019. It was initially named Belinguo (a company created in Zurich, Switzerland, more than 4 years ago).

Belinguo was initially the European spin-off of the company we created in Hong Kong in 2008, Global Citizen. Here is a very old interview about Global Citizen.

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