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As you might know, INGAGE is THE Training platform for the Insurance Industry. 

What do we offer to our clients?

Engaging out-of-the box as well as bespoke online training.
Our product range includes a complete „Online Academy in-a-box“, e-courses (such as fraud management), the Insurance Simulator, board games…

Who exactly are our clients? 

Leading insurance companies, reinsurance companies or brokerage firms as well as Small and Medium Enterprises in the insurance industry. 

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Full focus on INSURANCE!

Belinguo becomes INGAGE!

Belinguo AG is a company incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland.

In order to reflect our exclusive focus on the insurance industry, we have decided to rename it „INGAGE“ (

It stands for INsurance enGAGEment. It is a platform dedicated to training for the insurance industry (for both online and blended learning). 

„INGAGE is the Training Platform for the Insurance Industry“. We offer out-of-the-box and bespoke online training for large and small companies in the industry. This includes engaging online courses, simulations, 3D scenarios and much more to train new employees as well as experienced insurance professionals. See

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Scaling up the team

The INGAGE Academy (internal)

The INGAGE Academy contains a series of engaging online courses that detail our products, services, methodology, tools, technology, company and much more.

They help our team members become knowledgeable and confident in what INGAGE, our team, our products do and what they don’t. Thus, you will have everything required to promote and implement our products effectively and efficiently at our clients‘ while ensuring top quality service for them.

You can also get in touch with the rest of the team through the forums and chat functionalities.

Last but not least, you will use our own product for this training!


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Coaching is good, actually required!


As a young company, we are convinced that coaching is not only good but actually absolutely necessary to succeed.

One of our very first steps was to constitute a Board of Advisors. This helped us tremendously!

Without them, we would not be where we are now.

Thanks to our great coach Urs!


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CEO’s interview

Global Citizen

A brief history: INGAGE focuses on the insurance market since the beginning of 2019. It was initially named Belinguo (a company created in Zurich, Switzerland, more than 4 years ago).

Belinguo was initially the European spin-off of the company we created in Hong Kong in 2008, Global Citizen. Here is a very old interview about Global Citizen.

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Action Asia!

Off-road triathlon

Some of our team members participate to the existing Action Asia Off-road triathlon!

Well done!

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