Digital nomads in Croatia

Building a global company through digital nomadism?

Our digital nomad lifestyle has been an incredible source of experiences! We have not only seen amazing places, but more importantly, met great people from around the world! Some of them have even joined our team. With some others, we have created synergies and in all cases, we have had a good time!

You can read the full article in Croatian or translated automatically.  

Digital nomads in Split

Great thanks to #LjubicaVuko, #ToniTrivković and #SplitTechCity. 🙂


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Insurance training is boring?

Most of us have been through corporate training, in companies’ meeting rooms, training centers or convention halls. There, even if the training sessions were not always interesting, the advantage was that you could meet new people, do some networking and at least have breakfast or even lunch. Hot coffee and warm croissants… it’s not that bad after all. What about the Return on Investment for that training? Well… 

Since the COVID spread around the world however, training has substantially evolved and gone online at a previously unseen pace. Companies that were only talking about digitization now had to do it! Under time pressure. Many companies were not ready and had to put together some online courses within a very short timeframe. As for the level of quality and engagement, well… 

In both cases, learners find the training sub-optimal, not to say totally boring. If 5% of your learners finish your online courses, it’s normal. No, it’s not! If you have the right management buy-in and the right online training, you should aim much higher. 

Does it have to be that way? Really?
Young talents expect – and deserve – more than this! We all love learning.

Alright, alright, but „some topics are more interesting than others“, „Insurance is dull, it’s boring.“ Really?
Protecting the people you love and the things you like is boring? Insurance is connected to anything we do. There are countless beautiful or tragic stories related to insurance.

Besides, ANYTHING can be made interesting. It’s all about your state of mind… 

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BYOD: „Bring Your Own Drink!“

Our team at INGAGE organizes „Bring Your Own Drink“ sessions every 3-4 weeks with colleagues and friends around the world.

Each time, we have a Special Guest leader in a field who shares insights about a key global challenge (Blockchain, Human Rights and Technology, Virtual Reality, etc.) followed by quick updates from some of our team members around the world.

While we do have some „serious“ but exciting topics, these sessions are first of all meant to spend a good time together in this period of global confinement due to COVID-19.

Many of you have been very supportive over the past few years and we would be happy to welcome you to our future sessions. We have a large group every time and due to many requests, please contact me to make sure you’re included in our event. Cheers ?

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Create engaging courses within an hour!

The Course Wizard

You have experts in underwriting, claims management, sales of insurance products, actuaries and many others. More often than not, they are happy to share some of their knowledge. However, they lack time.

Do your experts have a lot of knowledge that should be shared within the company or with clients? What if you could create engaging courses within a very short time thanks to a visual tool?

This is exactly what our Course Wizard does! Now, you can create an engaging course, not within months or weeks, but hours.



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Conducting workshops, virtually

Do you lead workshops, train people in companies?

Most large companies nowadays use online cooperation tools. Video conferences are now part of our daily lives. They also have LMSs (e-Learning Management Systems) to train their employees online.

However, many individual trainers and smaller companies still lead workshops in physical meetings rooms, thus being unable to train people across regions. There are many tools for online collaboration, for video conferencing, but the trick is to combine them effectively in order to train people online in an engaging way. You can use Skype or Skype for Business, to talk, see each other and share your screen. You can also use Webex or Zoom, which enables participants to hand over the control of their own computer to a distant participant. The technology is there.

The challenge though comes when there are several people in the meeting room and participants scattered around the world via video conferences. One trick we found useful (for our own team) is to have everybody participate via their own computer with their own webcam. Even the people who are together in a same meeting room in a same location! Thus, there is no effect of a group vs. individuals. Everybody is on the same foot. Everybody can see clearly the other participants, as individuals.



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Coaching is good, actually required!


As a young company, we are convinced that coaching is not only good but actually absolutely necessary to succeed.

One of our very first steps was to constitute a Board of Advisors. This helped us tremendously!

Without them, we would not be where we are now.

Thanks to our great coach Urs!


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A „digital-first“ company

Are you a young (or less you) talented person?

Would you like to work when you want from where you want?

This has already been a reality for some of our team members for several years!

In INGAGE, you choose where you work and when. We are here to support you. We use technology, video-conferencing tools, online project management tools to work.

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CEO’s interview

Global Citizen

A brief history: INGAGE focuses on the insurance market since the beginning of 2019. It was initially named Belinguo (a company created in Zurich, Switzerland, more than 4 years ago).

Belinguo was initially the European spin-off of the company we created in Hong Kong in 2008, Global Citizen. Here is a very old interview about Global Citizen.

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HR Innovation

In this „Innovation Slam“, we introduce our online and blended learning platform, applied to language learning.


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