Insurance Fundamentals Courses

This Academy provides highly engaging, impactful and innovative insurance training, with specialized modules tailored to your specific needs.
You will get a strong basis to thrive in the insurance industry. You will discover the “Market”, its organization, the complete value chain, risk management and much more…

basic insurance courses

Introduction to Insurance

In this course, you will see and understand:

– The principles,
– The type of actors and their global key figures,
– The main lines of business,
– The main Law and regulation.

basic insurance courses

Introduction to the Market

In this course, you will see and understand about:

– The Global market,
– The European market,
– The Middle East African market,
– The North American market,
– The Latin American market,
– The Asian Pacific market.

basic insurance courses

Organizational Management

In this course, you will see and understand about:

– Global Organization,
– Main activities and Functions,
– Activities and Functions mission.

basic insurance courses

Insurance Value Chain Cycles

In this course, you will see and understand about:

– Sales,
– Underwriting,
– Claims.

risk hedge

Risk Management

In this course, you will get an introduction to risk management

growth hacking

Product and Marketing

In this course, you will get an introduction to product and marketing.



In this course, you will get an introduction to financials

future of insurance

Going Beyond

In this course, you will get an insight into the key technologies that could impact the future of the insurance industry.

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To create ultimate courses based on uncompromising content and flexibility, world-class insurance experts and learning course developers have come together. These courses deliver the most on elevating performance through cognitive research, engagement-oriented methods and years of relevant experience. With Ingage's e-learning masterpiece, you can achieve your greatest success.

The format makes it very nice and simple. Very dynamic, excellent way to teach these coverages that are not simple.

Oswald G.


Irma V.

The courses are very dynamic and entertaining.

Daniel S.

I like the way that the different insurance policies are explained.

Nancy A.

The courses are excellent!

Ivan H.

Clear and brief explanations and practical exercises.

Alba M.

The dynamism used for the realization of the course really suited me. It was cool!

Marie P.

I learned a lot from this branch

Jesus U.

Easy to understand

Santiago C.E.

It is a very simple and interactive method of learning.

Robert A.

The information is very clear and easy to understand. The examples are very helpful.

Jaqueline B.

The way in which the topics are presented is very clear.

Maria F.

Propaedeutic and dynamic. Very specific and concrete, understandable.

Teresa C. B.

INGAGE is the most innovative company we have seen in the field of digital training for insurance.

Fabrice C.

I loved that they gave examples and were so descriptive.

Michel Carolina

It is very dynamic and makes it entertaining.

Daniel Diaz

I liked the way it goes hand in hand with the explanations and the exercises, what I stopped at was the analysis of the exercises and the inverse way in which the question was posed, which is more reasoning. Thank you very much.

Flor Isela

The way in which the topics are presented is very clear.

Maria Fernanda

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Comprehensive subjects, dig deeper.

From Introduction to the Market to the most recent trends, we offer complete portfolios of courses on insurance and finance at the highest level. We've trained multiple MNCs, governments, SMEs and start-ups and constantly updated our content based on their feedback. How will blockchain change insurance? What about AI? How do top-tier companies calculate risks? Contact us to find out.

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