Introduction to lucid dreaming (in French, but you can switch on automatic subtitles on PC)

In the field of learning, methods continue to evolve. Some of them are experimental. At INGAGE we are constantly pushing the boundaries of e-learning. We look for new ways to develop ourselves, train our learners and improve user experiences.

Have you ever realised in your sleep that you were dreaming? If so, congratulations, you’ve had a lucid dream!

Almost everyone will have at least one lucid dream once in their life. Only 20% of the population does so at least once a month.

Study „Individual Differences Associated with Lucid Dreaming“ by Snyder and Gackenbach

Having time to review a language, prepare for an exam, overcome a fear of making a public presentation is a dream for many!? Good news, you can train while you sleep. It is even possible to improve your sports performance.

This video (in French) gives you a good introduction to this activity with infinite possibilities.

What do you think? Have you tried lucid dreams yourself? 

Share with us any experience!

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